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On January 2,1943,khizar Hayat Tiwana replaced sir Sikander Hayat and became the President of Sectarianism United board. On January 23, 1943 a session of National Unionist Party  was conducted in chamber of Assembly, which was presided by Choto Ram 86 member out of 100 of the party  participated in this session. Through a resolution Malik Khaizar Hayat was selected the leader of the party confidence was shown on his ministry and he was being promised by the party for their support. So that he may do his duties as a prime minister of the province. This resolution was favored by Nawab Ifthikhar Hussain Mamdot, Dr, Aslam, Mr.Singab, Sardar Bahadur Goreyan Sing, Sir William Rober Son, Sir Maqbal Mehmod, Shekhkaramat Ali, and by other party members. They all promise to Malik Khizar Hayat for their all kind of support. The appointment of third and new Muslim minister was depending on the will of the Prime Minister. Four untouchable member, Faqeer Chand, Sarder Sing, Mr, Mogal Kishwar, and Master Sirinam also joined the Unionist Party. Thus they got power of 120 members of the party in the senate of 175 members. R 1
After the end of this session a meeting was also conducted in the Prime Minister house of Punjab, it was attended by 69 members in this meeting the same resolution was passed, which was passed on 6 and 8 January in a conference of Muslim League’s leaders. During his speech Sheikh Sadiq insisted on the united of Muslim groups, Raja Ghazanfer Ali also paid tribute the services of Sir Sikander Hayat, and promised to the new Prime Minister for the trust and support of the Muslim members. In his speech Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana paid thanks to the provincial member for their support and trust. He said;

‘’ I needed for your support and trust. I can not become a Prime Minister without your support and never keep him without it. If you think, I am eligible for your support and trust, then support me whole heartedly, so I may serve you.”2
All these sessions 28 conferences and speeches show that Malik Khizar Hayat was also having the support of Muslim league. On February 5, 1945, on the order of Prime Minister Governor of Punjab appointed Meyar Sarder shokat Hayat Khan (the son of Sir Sikander Hayat Khan) as Minister. At that time he (Shoket Hayat)was 23 year old, and he got the credit of the most young minister of the British Government. Shoket Hayat khan was appointed as minister of public works and local self government. Which was earlier headed by Khizar Hayat. He took oath of his office on 6 February 1943 and took the charge in secertrate. R 9
Quaid- i- Azam declared the speech of Sardar Shokat Hayat khan being a minister an insult of democracy. But other that, the application of Sardar Shokat Hayat Khan, which he presented to the central committee of provincial league, to contest the mid term election in the Muslim rural areas, was accepted on April 10, 1943. Thus Shokat Hayat Khan was nominated to this from the Muslim league. 3 this seat of  Southern Attock was to be free in case of the appointment of his uncle Muzafar khan as chairman of the provincial public service commission. Before this, Mian Muhammad Mumtaz Doultana, (son of Mian Yar Doultana) was succeeded on the ticket of Muslim League, on the seat which was freed after the death of Sir Sikander Hayat. 4
Hamayun Adeeb, wrote about the acceptance of Shokat Hayat’s application by the Muslim league, he stated that Sarder Shokat Hayat Khan send his ministry resign to Quaid- I- Azam and said that if he broke the discipline, his resign should be show to the press. This news was opened in the annual session of Muslim League, which held on April 26, 1943, at Dehli. 5.
AT that time it was a common slogan that there should be a ministry of Muslim league in the place of Unionist Party. It was said from UNIONIST PARTY that all the Muslim members of the party accept the Muslim league and Quaid-e-Azam. Unionist Party. is only believed to run the provincial government properly with the cooperation of other nations. It has no controversy with the Muslim league. 6
On March 9, 1943 Prime Minister Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana, Information Minister Mian Abdul Hahi, President of Provincial Muslim League Iftikhar Mamdu, Raya Ghazanfar Ali, Mian Basheer Ahmad along with the working committee of Muslim league reached at Delhi. They participated in the convention of Muslim league council. The presented resolution in this session as about the formation of Muslim league in Punjab. During his speech Malik Khizar Hayat stated that the Muslim league is already in Punjab, and he promised that would try to make it an alive party in true sense, strong and representative of the Punjabi Muslims. (7)
Following the promise when Malik Khizar wants to prepare the constitution of the party, the Muslim league’s members criticized him. Thus because in this case the Muslim league would loss it status and it would become a sub branch of Unionist Party. Which should have its on policy and objective.
Sikandar, Jinnah pact was began to discuss among the public, which wided the differences between UNIONIST PARTY and Muslim league. Muslim league was thinking that according to the Sikandar Jinnah Pact their party have over whelming majority in Punjab’s Ministry and it is a truth that in Punjab assembly including speaker, there are 79 members of Muslim league, 3 of Anglo Indian, 8 of untouchable, 4 Independent Hindus, 12 of Balder Sing group, 2 independent Sikh and 12 of Choto Ram group. Thus the ministry should be nominated to the name of such party, which has 661members in it. A part from this Unionist Party is not remained a single party like in 1937, according to the Jinnah Sikandar Pact its Muslim members had join Muslim league. While Up’s was having the view point that now the unionist party is a collation or combined party between Muslim league and some Hindu members. According to Sikandar Jinnah Pact it was decided that name of this collation would remained unionist. And the ministry should work according to the same economical program of 1937. It was not controversial with program of Muslim league. Muslim members of ministry party say that, the ministry should be known as Muslim league ministry, because Muslim league have majority in it. (15)
Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana was not having a habit of Public Speech’s. Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan always gave proper time not only to UP and Punjab government but also to Muslim league. But Khizar Hayat was not habitual for this. In Shimla, Sardar Shokat said to Malik Khizar that if you could not make a visit for the Muslim league than allow me to do this work. Thus with the permission of Malik Khizar, Sardar Shokat Hayat participated in conventions at Ranbala, carnal and Shekhopura and delivered speech’s in favor of Muslim league and Pakistan. On this Choto Ram and other unionist member criticized the behave of Shokat Hayat Khan as a minister of unionist party. After that the governor ordered Shokat Hayat to return in Shimla, when he came in Shimla, he was bound to gave a statement in which the discipline and principals of Unionist party was discussed. And this thing caused the beginning of differences between Shokat Hayat and Malik Khizar. (16)
On May 26, 1947 Sardar Shokat Hayat succeeded in mid term elections at Southern Attock with 3176 majority votes. Due to the differences between Muslim league and Unionist Party. the Muslim league in Punjab Government faced distraction. In order to save the soul of Muslim league in Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam came to Lahore and asked Malik Khizar Hayat to establish a Muslim league party in Punjab. And on the name of Sikandar, Jinnah Pact doesn’t stand obstacles in the way of Muslim league. More over that in a one year no attention has given to organization of Muslim league.  Thus it’s revealed from it that Unionist Party is not wanted the establishment of Muslim league in Punjab. While Muhammad Yar Khan Daultana Chief Parliamentary Secretary of Punjab Government, Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan and Shah Nawaz Mamdut had promised that act cards about the membership of Muslim league would soon published and distributed. After that, Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan after returning from Lakhnow convention of Unionist Party send filled forms of 70 Muslim assembly members, which revealed that they became the members of the Muslim league. After signing the pact of Muslim leagues there Unionist Party membership was finished. Now why Malik Khizar have any objection on the issue, that the ministry should be nominated on the name of Muslim league? While Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana was disliked this thing due to his Hindu and Sikh members.
Anyhow, a series of dialogue was exchanged between Quaid-e-Azam and Malik Khizar, on the issue of Sikandar Jinnah but wad failed. At last Malik Khizar Hayat Tiwana was discharged from the membership of Muslim league. It was based on reality that according to the Sikandar Jinnah pact of 1937, all members of unionist would follow the orders of the leadership of Muslim league in the whole affairs of India.
The deviation of Malik Khizar from this principle was thanked a rebilian against Quaid-e-Azam so he was being putout from the Muslim league. (17)
In this controversy the Muslim members of Punjab assembly were worried that either they are unionists or they completely entered in Muslim league. It was not an easy decision. Because they also have spirit of loyalty to unionist party. But they were also seriously impressed by the well progress of Muslim league.
Quad-e-Azam took signature from 10 assembly members that they had separated from unionist party, and they set on the apposition benches.  Among these ten members Sir Jinnah Khan Laghari and Ibrahim Baraq were nominated. After that these two persons deviated from it. (18)
After the separation of Malik Khizar, all the Muslim league members were pleased. It clears the position of Muslim league and it gave birth to a separate Muslim league in assembly consisting of real Muslim leagues. Thus there were 120 members of Muslim league in Punjab assembly, which was headed by Nawab Iftikhar Hussain Mamdut. Among other members, Raja Ghazanfar Ali, Sheikh Karamat Ali, Mumtaz Daulatana and Soufi Abdul-Hameed are nominated. According to some historians separation of Malik Khizar has opened new chapter in the history of Muslim and an important tern in Pakistan movement. (19)


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